Goi Cuon

Tofu Rice Paper Rolls (Goi Cuon)

Want a healthy dish, here’s Tofu Rice Paper Rolls (Goi Cuon)


What you need:


  • ½ handful coriander leaves

  • 24 rice paper wrappers

  • vegan dipping sauce

  • 100 g firm tofu

  • oil

  • 60 g cellophane noodles

  • 140 g carrot

  • ¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper

  • 2½ tbsp roasted rice flour

  • 1 small iceberg lettuce

  • ½ handful basil leaves

  • 140 g kohlrabi

  • 1 pinch of sugar

  • 1 tsp salt


Here’s how you make Tofu Rice Paper Rolls (Goi Cuon)


  1. Slice tofu into your desired cuts the cook in hot oil until golden brown. Remove excess oil with paper towel

  2. Boil noodles for 2 minutes or until done then with a strainer, drain the noodles and wash with running water. Set aside

  3. Saute kohlrabi and carrots until it's soft. Pour some sugar, salt and pepper to taste the add in the tofu. Toss for a while. Add in the noodles and roasted rice flour and mix well to combine. Let it cook and then you can add the lettuce and herbs.

  4. In a bowl of warm water, soak rice paper wrapper just about 2 seconds. Place in a flat clean surface. Let it dry for 20 seconds then spoon some tofu and noodle mixture at the end of the wrapper. Roll the wrapper to the top to cover the filling then fold in the sides of the wrapper to close.

  5. Serve in a plate with dipping sauce on the side



Goi Cuon

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